Fertile soils and a warm spring climate and is key to
growing consistently delicious asparagus.

Asparagus Harvesting

Asparagus Harvesting

Weather permitting we pick fresh every day. Our
asparagus is individually hand snapped above ground
where the spear is tender & juicy,

“No need to cut any off the bottom!”

The totes are culled, weighed to just over 20 lbs. then
submerged in cold water to begin a two stage washing
process. First the totes are hand rocked & dunked to
remove field dirt and debris, then rinsed in a fresh tub
of chilled water… then spray rinsed, stacked on a
pallet…..then spray rinsed again before being hand
wheeled into the cooler.

The asparagus is chilled before being sold or
transported to local retailers.

Careful handling at every stage of harvesting and
delivery is important to retaining superior flavor,
texture and nutritional content.

Curious about how asparagus grows & is
harvested ?      click here to request a farm tour

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